We founded Creators and Collectors Services LLC out of a desire to see people succeed in their chosen passion. So often, an excellent book, inspiring artwork, or magnificent collection goes unrecognized because of the lack of resources needed to bring it to a wide audience. That's where we come in.

Melissa Hart has been a professional writer and creative writing teacher for over 25 years. She's a contributing editor at The Writer Magazine with two monthly columns, as well as regular features. Her work has appeared in over a hundred magazines and newspapers, among them The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Orion, High Country News, The Advocate, Adbusters, Hemispheres, Brain, Child, The Normal School, and Writer's Digest. She's published three books, and speaks at writing conferences nationally. An accomplished instructor and editor, she's worked with students of all ages and abilities. She has a particular interest in assisting diverse and underrepresented writers in getting their stories out into the world.

Jonathan Smith has been involved in the visual arts in one form or another for over 20 years. As a photographer and graphic designer, he delights in the ability of art to inspire. With an MFA in  photography and a career of over 14 years in museums, he has had the opportunity to learn many techniques to advance an artist's career, and has a particular interest in organizing collections of art. His photographic skills range from portraits to multispectral imaging, always with an exacting attention to detail.

Melissa is a god-send. Brilliant, compassionate, and brutally honest when necessary, she alternately held my hand and kicked my butt through the publishing process, from my first ink in a national magazine to my securing a New York agent and book deal.
— Mary DeMocker, Once Upon a Time We Saved the World
Jonathan’s beautiful photo representation of a piece I made (titled FLORAL PEDESTAL) caught the eye of the folks at Maude Kerns art center. And, to my delight was used to promote the Oregon Made For Interiors exhibit, where the piece was shown. Even more exciting was hearing back from the editors at “Fine Wood Working”magazine where I had submitted Jonathan’s photos and a few words about my work. They were impressed and it was selected for publication in the magazine. Thank you Jonathan, your contribution made the difference.
— Rick Green (Furniture artist)
She is teacher and coach extraordinaire! Talented, yes, obviously. But put that together with a huge heart and a generous spirit. Now that’s a hard combination to beat.
— Marlena Fiol, There is Nothing Between Us
Jonathan taught me the foundation of museum photography and image database work that I continue to use today. He was helpful and a great teacher. He answered my questions thoroughly and was always willing to show and explain in detail for me. Jonathan is very knowledgeable in his field of photography, digital media and database collections as well as many other aspects of a museum. I would highly recommend Jonathan as a professional.
— Malina Graves